Special Offer


Acupressure Body Service

Service Time

Store Regular

Service Applied

15 Min


Neck, Shoulder, and Arm

30 Min


Neck, Shoulder, Low-back, Arm and Leg

60 Min


Full Body (Face, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Arm, Leg, and Foot)

90 Min


Detailed Full Body

120 Min


Extra Detailed Full Body

Reflexology Foot Service

Service Time

Store Regular

Service Applied

20 Min


Foot, without Herb Emulsion

30 Min


Detailed Foot, with Herb Emulsion

60 Min


Extra Detailed Foot, with Herb Emulsion

Acupuncture Service

Acupuncture Service requires two days advance appointment

Acupuncture Service is regularly provided and an appointment is required

Special Continuous Service Deal (With in 12 Months):

Purchase nine 30 Minutes Service Sessions (Acupressure or Reflexology service or Combined sessions) you’ll get the tenth 30 minutes service session’s for free. Must use the same stamped card

One Time Purchase Special Package Deal (Gift Certificates):

Two free 60 minutes Gift Certificates, if purchase Ten 60 Minutes Gift Certificates at one time. 

Any other Coupon Special offers on Newspaper, Flyer, or Mailing textles in effect within the expiration date range. For utilize those Discount Coupons the Appointment is necessary. And Weekends is limited number of appointment with those Coupons use.